So what is this website all about and who has made it? Unfortunately it is impossible to summarize this site in a few words, because it is a collection of various topics which are mostly unrelated. In general, this is a voluntary effort to make information available of which I think it could be useful or interesting (or funny). There is no strict goal and there are no obligations.

The first parts originated in 1997 and stuff has been added and updated ever since. Everything has been subdivided in a few categories. The first is “Educative”, which is general-purpose information mostly related to the internet, computers and digital media. “Hardware” is about everything that consists of physical parts, from electric guitars to electronics. “Software and Sound” is what the title says, downloadable stuff that can be either run on a computer or played on speakers. “Weird Stuff” is, well, weird stuff. Some people may want to avoid this section because it contains mostly absurd humour, some of which is potentially offensive. Finally, there are some links to other sites.

A complete overview of this site's contents can be found in the site map.

There is also a blog that accompanies this site, but aside from some short remarks about random stuff you won't find much there that is not covered in more detail on this very website.

This site is almost entirely written in HTML5 or HTML 4.01 strict, and every page has been validated. If something does not look right in your browser, or if something like an embedded object is missing even though the plug-in is installed, it is because your browser or plug-in is not standards-compliant.

If you are wondering why this site does not sport a spiffy and trendy design, it is because I only really care about the content. I do not want to waste my time on either updating the design every few months to follow the latest design fads, or fixing bugs contained within semi-auto-generated JavaScript and CSS garbage. That is why this site has a very spartan look. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, feel free to override the style with some fancy template.

This site is also available through HTTPS, but only because my provider started offering SSL for free and I could get a free certificate through Let's Encrypt. I cannot promise that the SSL certificate won't expire from time to time because I consider it low priority. I know there is a strong drive to convert the whole web to HTTPS but I don't really see the point for websites like this that contain only publicly available static content without any form of accounts or logins. The only justification would be to protect people who access the internet through crappy unreliable network infrastructure, from receiving man-in-the-middle-altered webpages with pop-ups and exploits. For the time being, I will keep the HTTP version of the site available.

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About Me

After finishing my PhD, I continued to work as a researcher in the VISICS computer vision research group until May 2011.

I currently work as a senior software developer at eSATURNUS, a Sony company. eSATURNUS was the first company to offer a complete solution for the digital operating room. eSATURNUS
Note that this entire website is personal and is unrelated to my work activities. Any opinions expressed on this site cannot be attributed to the aforementioned companies.


If you want to contact me, you need to use the Mail page (it is the only way, you won't find any e-mail address on this site, the reason can be found in the informative section).

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Stuff I've Done

Yes, I know that is a bit of a silly title. Of course I won't be explaining here what I did today or what kind of petty crimes I committed as a child (if any). The idea of this section is to give a list of some of the more interesting things I have done and created in my life. Most of these items link to other parts of this site, where they are explained in detail.


Just as one was supposed to have a ‘blog’ at the time of this writing, oldskool websites from around 1997 were supposed to have a guestbook and so did mine. Although that guestbook had survived each previous update of the website's design, I considered dropping it during the upgrade to this fourth iteration in 2009. Most of the entries that had been posted the years before were spam messages and pranks from former school buddies. Yet, the occasional worthwhile entry made me keep the guestbook, although I disabled automatic updating. You can still send a message (go ahead, Debaene, Kooken & co.) but there is no guarantee that it will be added. Do not use this to send mail, use the mail page instead.

All webpages and graphics (except a few, like most of the Random archive) are made by me, so it is in theory illegal to include my images or movies in your own site without my permission. In practice I have no objections if you want to use parts of my site, except if it would seem as if you were the author of any content created by me. I will be eager to grant you permission to use a part of this site, just mail me and tell me what you want. If that's too much asked, you may copy an image or movie, at the condition that it is clearly accompanied by a note saying it was “made by Dr. Lex”, and includes a clearly visible link to this site. For instance, you can combine the note and link with the following HTML code:
Made by <A href="https://www.dr-lex.be/">Dr. Lex</A>

If you want to link to a software download on my site: link to the download page, not the file itself. Many files (.sit, .tgz, .zip, …) will produce a ‘403 forbidden’ error if they are not linked from within this very site! If you use a browser that leaves the ‘HTTP referrer’ blank or replaces it by something fancy, you may also get 403 errors when downloading certain files. I had to enforce that the referrer is from this domain due to filthy crawlers that ignore robots.txt.

You may get temporarily locked out of the site when trying to use download accelerators. I do not actively block them, but some of them behave exactly like misbehaving web crawlers, which are actively blocked. If this happens, it is most likely because your download accelerator is more crappy than average and violates certain standards. Nobody should be using those things anyway. They do not accelerate anything except in very rare circumstances, and most of them are merely vehicles to install all kinds of malware.

This entire site and all included graphics, movies and sounds (unless stated otherwise) are copyright ©1997-2012 by Alexander Thomas.
The author of this page is not responsible by any means for any possible damage done to your computer, your body, your brain, your family members, pets or whatsoever, caused by the viewing of this site or any of the embedded media.
The author is not responsible for the contents of any of the sites which can be reached by clicking links from within this site.
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