In the early days of the Internet, search engines were extremely limited and finding things often involved ‘surfing,’ which meant starting from one of your favourite websites (often a ‘portal’) and following links in the hopes of ending up where you wanted to be. For this reason, this links page in the very first iterations of my website used to be stuffed with about every website I knew about at that time. This practice became mostly pointless since the advent of efficient search engines. So instead, this page now contains a concise set of websites that I either (used to) visit frequently or deem important and could be of interest.

Ironically, I deem the ‘surfing’ paradigm to have become more relevant again due to increasing sloppiness of current search engines. It seems there is an overflow of information, some of which only shows up at the top of search results because the site authors have spent a lot of time on ‘SEO,’ not because the information is actually useful. To make things worse, major search engines like Google have obviously started to drop webpages from their index entirely, based on some weighting scheme that changes every few months. They also heavily favour recent pages which makes it profitable for parasites to make sloppy derivative copies of existing pages. The mere fact that the copy is newer will give it a good chance of being preferred by search engines, even if the content of the page is worse than the original. Bad times.

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These are by far not all the channels I follow and not even all my favourites are in here, these are just the ones I think deserve a bit more publicity.