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Current story arc: Faceworld – chapter: Prelude/Arrival

Latest comic: 56 – Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Comic 56
Pilot: I'm your pilot, Alana has informed me about activation of clause 23B.
Heidi: Have you heard anything from park management?
Pilot: Last comms were yesterday, nothing since. They seem to have a technical problem.

Max: Do you know more about this 23B clause?
Pilot: Nope, only that I'm supposed to transport you to the location.
Max: This N-T-K thing is getting on my nerves…

The team is boarding the hovercraft.
Pilot: Ready to go, you can pick any seats, plenty of space. They're aiming for quite the visitor count when the upgrade goes public.
Zhang: You pilot this thing alone?
Pilot: Yes, advanced tech now acts as co-pilot.
Max, looking at hovercraft: Hmm, don't I recognize this from somewhere?

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