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Current story arc: Quality Assurance

Latest comic: 40 – Friday, March 1, 2024

Comic 40
References: “a software QA engineer walks into a bar…” joke
Setting: inside the bar.
Heidi: Zhang, you're not supposed to QA the whole world.
Zhang: I just wanted to try this classic joke for real.
Max: I know that one, aren't you forgetting something?
Zhang: I'm a bit scared, but if you insist…

Zhang goes to the counter of the bar.
Zhang: Excuse me, where is the bathroom?
Waiter: It's in the corner over there.
Zhang: … OK, thank you.

Zhang: So, the bar did not burst into flames. Whew!
Max: Not yet. But I think you have proven your worth!
Adil: This must be grade A nerd humor, I don't get it at all…

Max: Don't worry, Adil. Just be glad that you're still alive.
Adil: I'm not even sure I want to understand this joke…

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