3D Printable Models

This will be an overview of all the 3D printable models that I provide on GitHub. Work in progress!
Originally I have been uploading all my models to Thingiverse, but since 2017, that site has been in a downward spiral of poor performance, bugs, and lack of indications that the company that owns it, gives a damn about it. The horrible redesign that they have pushed forward in March 2020, was the last straw for me. I will publish any future models only on GitHub, and migrate the most popular or useful models from Thingiverse as well. Unfortunately this means no ‘makes’ for the new designs, unless I spend some effort to allow people to upload photos of their prints to some page on this site, but first priority now goes to migrating the existing designs.


My philosophy regarding these 3D models is simple: I solve my own problems and unless it is really something way too specific, I then share this solution such that others in the same situation do not need to go through the same problem-solving process all over again. I try to document everything from the viewpoint of someone unfamiliar with how I ended up with the solution. This is not always easy, hence some of the instructions will be incomplete or unclear. If you don't understand something, just ask, but keep in mind that you might be making me spend some additional free time on something I've already selflessly spent quite a bit of time on, so a bit of friendliness will go a long way.

If you browse through my designs, you'll find many remixes, most of which are improvements upon an existing model that I wasn't entirely happy with. If I notice a flaw or weakness in a model, I try to fix it and I share the improved model, again following the same philosophy I described above.

If you want to contact me to ask if you may sell prints of my models (most likely the Flexi Rex), please first read the README in the GitHub repository itself. The answer to your question is almost certainly in there.

If you like my models and download them for later, be sure to re-check if there is not an update before you start printing. I regularly improve upon the models and update the files with a new version. If there is something you think can be improved about a model, just ask, or remix it yourself!

And if you really like a model, tips are always appreciated! 🙂

In the list of designs, an R symbol means the model is a remix of someone else's original(s); a C symbol means the model is designed in OpenSCAD and can be adapted to your needs in OpenSCAD's Customizer.

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