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Welcome to the Dr. Lex site, providing a diverse collection of things since 1997, ranging from information and software to slightly absurd types of humour.

ZOMG! What happened to the cool home page?

Old home page screenshot

Long ago, the home page was a big animated clickable image. It was cool but impractical to maintain, and it would also be awkward on present-day mobile devices. I still intend to make a worthy future-proof replacement (which is why I labelled this page as ‘BETA’), but for now you will have to make do with this spartan design where a list of more down-to-earth text links take you to the topics in which the site is divided.

Other potentially useful pages: the sitemap and the contact page.

Recent updates

  • New: Simple Time Calculator for adding or subtracting time values.
  • 3D printable models added: Hex Twist surface vase, Rubber Band Gun remix² 5 shots, Paradox Illusions - Penrose triangle optimised, and Big Round Bag Clip.
  • Punctuation article has some minor updates, inspired by noticing ChatGPT being utterly confused about capitalisation rules depending on how the question was asked.
  • Ultra High Definition article has been refreshed to also focus more on the usefulness of 8K video next to 4K.
  • Radio Paradise Widget: minor update to fix the ‘more’ playlist link.
  • 3D printable models updated: updated separate parts version of Flexi Rex with latest model and added dowels; extra inside space option for Customizable Screw Cap; Flexier Rex variant of the Flexi Rex; tweaks to MicroVac Turbo.
New Garfield Sans comic every 2 weeks on Tuesday (normally).
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