S.O.N.A.I.S. Webcomic Story Arc Index

The SONAIS comic is divided into separate storylines, chapters, arcs, or whatever you prefer to call them. This is an index of where each storyline begins, so you can jump to the start or end of a particular story arc right away, or freshen up your memory of what has happened in the recent or distant past.

1. The Beginning

[1] 2023, October 17 to [9] 2023, November 14

Where it all begins. A team of 4 people starting an AI-focused service company, moves into their sort-of freshly furnished office building. It soon becomes clear that a fifth colleague would be a welcome addition though…

2. Deletium Redux

[10] 2023, November 17 to [26] 2024, January 12

The previous occupants of the office building left behind various things, amongst which some small containers marked as ‘Deletium.’ What seems a bad joke at first, turns into a race against time when the content of one of the containers escapes. An unlikely ally helps avert disaster.

3. Quality Assurance

[27] 2024, January 16, ongoing

After the Deletium adventure, things are back to business as usual—mostly. Some ‘incidents’ indicate that a few aspects of the company's workflow still need improvement, and an extra colleague is desirable.

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