Weird Weapons

Another product of too much time and my weird fantasy, from around 1998. The idea was to put a whole range of these contraptions online, as if they were produced by a company that made ‘tools’ to get rid of annoying teachers, professors, bosses or whoever. Some other planned weapons were the Roto-Axe, which was basically a catapult launching either circular saw blades or a spinning wheel with many axes mounted on its edges, and the Gauntlet With Spikes, which is like a soccer shoe for your hands, with several shapes of spikes that could be easily interchanged.

The 3 weapons that made it to this webpage, are the Turbo-bat, “recommended by G. Thirion, the Turbo Disemboweler (multi-functional!), and the Turbo SkullCrusher (environmentally friendly and very effective!)

In case you were wondering: no, I didn't build prototypes of these ‘weapons’. If anyone feels like doing it, that would be pretty interesting… Do contact me if you're crazy enough to try building one of these things!