The Turbo Disemboweler

No more dull lessons! From now on, bowels of teachers and other people will decorate your street view!
This machine consists of an extremely powerful combustion engine, which operates a propeller with on top of it a kind of drill. Each of the rotor blades are equipped with laser-sharp steel knives.

Now what to do when some prof or teacher is harping on the same subject a bit too long to your taste and doesn't want to give a break, or when your neigbor's face doesn't please you? Just push the buttons and jam the rotating propeller in his/her stomach! Immediately all bowels will be removed from his/her body and flung into the air.
Rollicking fun guaranteed!

What's more, this device is very economical and contains a catalyser, so you won't hear any complaints from Greenpeace. Only the cleansing-service may have some objections, but you know what to do in such cases...

As for outfit, we only recommend goggles to prevent the spattering blood and meat from getting into your eyes. Waterproof clothing is also recommended (except when you believe your washing product is really as fantastic as publicity claims).


  • Very economical combustion engine (unleaded fuel) with catalyser
  • Advanced silencing technology reduces noise to the level of an electric motor
  • Adjustable rotation speed
  • Aluminium propeller (available in different colours) with stainless steel blades
  • Safe: you need to push the buttons in both hand grips to start the engine.
  • Also suitable for slaughterhouses
  • The rotation speed can be high enough to make the device serve as a means of propulsion, e.g. on a bicycle or boat
  • Also usable as bread or salami slicer (just mind your fingers).
© 1997 Dr. Lex