Hardware, Electronics, Technical Stuff

This is a showcase of various technical things I've done. The most ‘famous’ are probably my electric guitars, but there is other stuff like electronics, speaker cabinets and casemods. Many of these pages don't just describe what I did, but also how I did it, and tips for trying it yourself are included.

Additionally, there are some reviews of (mostly Chinese) gadget-like things I bought. As you'll see, I usually don't just use these things but also see if I can hack them to fix some of their flaws. I might add more reviews of specific hardware if it either impresses me, or makes me want to spit my bile.


Music and Audio


PC Hardware

Product Reviews

Until now, all these products are cheap to reasonably priced Chinese gadgets — I am a sucker for those things. Next to the actual reviews, most of these articles also contain a short section on how the product can be hacked to circumvent some of its flaws.