Story arc: Deletium Redux
SONAIS 21 - Tuesday, December 26, 2023 link
Comic 21
The Oiba robot sniffs the deletium container which starts to shake and ooze. Ooze is less dark than with the other one.

The ooze jumps out of the container into the Oiba's ventilation grille on its back.

Oiba: Get ready to take a cruise through the windy city! See all the sights of tha beautiful city o' Chi… Hey, this ain't Chicago!
Story arc: Deletium Redux
SONAIS 22 - Friday, December 29, 2023 link
Comic 22
Steve still aims extinguisher at the bot.
Steve: That was… weird.
Heidi: Did you notice the ooze was less dark?
Max: Well, at least it's not trying to murder us… yet.
Oiba: Why would I want to murder you?

Adil: It speaks… it lives!
Heidi: I didn't even configure the firmware for that. I think we hit the jackpot with this mix of mutated old software and new hardware.
Oiba: I don't know what's going on, but does nobody want to play a game?

Steve: Shall we try to get right to business? Hey little robot, do you feel like fighting some evil?
Oiba: I've been sitting idle for more than 20 years, I wouldn't mind some action…
Story arc: Deletium Redux
SONAIS 23 - Tuesday, January 2, 2024 link
Comic 23
Setting: back in the cursed room.
Steve: We accidentally let one of your ‘friends’ escape, and this is what happened.
Oiba: Clippy, is that you?
Evil A.I.: It looks like you're trying to get your ass kicked, do you want to cry for help?

Heidi: You're right, it is trying to grow network cables.
Max: Are you capable of stopping this monster, little Oiba?
Oiba: Unleash the hounds pal, you just unlocked the mighty power of this entertainment robot!

Oiba leaps towards the mutated workstation.
Adil: This is not quite how I imagined celebrating the New Year…
Story arc: Deletium Redux
SONAIS 24 - Friday, January 5, 2024 link
Comic 24
Oiba chews through the cobweb-like structures.
Oiba: Grrrrr…

Steve: This is strangely satisfying to watch.
Max: Makes perfect sense. I think many of us have imagined murdering Clippy back in the days.
Adil: But… I kinda liked Clippy!

All the cobwebs are destroyed.
Evil A.I.: Must… obey… prime… directive — suggest… useless… things…
Heidi: I think it's harmless enough now. Pull all the plugs!
Max: With pleasure.