Story arc: The Beginning
SONAIS 5 - Tuesday, October 31, 2023 link
Comic 5
References: The Shining (1980)
Setting: office.
Alana: Well, that was disappointing. Not even being able to explain the main subject of what's supposed to be your thesis…
Heidi: I wonder if he had his CV generated by a bot. People will try anything these days.

Alana gives Stirling engine back to Adil.
Alana: Your gadget did save the day by freak chance, but please keep work and play separated.
Adil: But, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…
Steve: Last time I checked, your name wasn't Jack.

Alana: Anyhow, another candidate tomorrow. I hope this one won't be a waste of time.
Adil: Can I see his CV? I can quickly order another gadget!
Steve: NO!
Story arc: The Beginning
SONAIS 6 - Friday, November 3, 2023 link
Comic 6
Setting: office, still completely stuffed with moving boxes.
Caption: Another job applicant…
Alana: Well, your academic career is rather unusual, but it does tick almost all our boxes.
Max, looking at the boxes: That seems quite an achievement…

Alana, Steve, Heidi cast their final judgement about Max.
Alana: This one is by far the best match so far.
Heidi: He'll need some extra training, but his base is solid.
Steve: He certainly gets my vote.

Alana gets back to Max who has been waiting for news.
Alana: We'll hire you, but only if you can explain how a Stirling Engine works.
Max: Ehh… excuse me?
Alana: Just kidding. Welcome to the team, Max!
Story arc: The Beginning
SONAIS 7 - Tuesday, November 7, 2023 link
Comic 7
Setting: office.
Alana: Let me introduce you to the others and vice versa. As you'll see, most of us don't have strictly delineated jobs due to the small company size… we expect some flexibility. That includes me: even as CEO I may still help with technical aspects of a project—I have not lost my programming roots… yet.

Alana: This is Steve, sort of our sysadmin and DevOPS all in one. If you have any technical problem with hardware or network, he's your guy.
Steve: Welcome to the team, Max.
Max: Nice to meet you, Steve.

Alana: This is Adil, mostly Steve's opposite: he handles all non-technical things like Marketing, P.R., and helps me with administration. Also, he likes gadgets a lot.
Adil: Hey, I can do technical things too, I am following a Python course!
Story arc: The Beginning
SONAIS 8 - Friday, November 10, 2023 link
Comic 8
References: Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al (1986)
Setting: office.
Alana: Max, this is Heidi, research and development. Indeed, until now we only had somewhat half of a dev team, which is why we really could use an extra hand. Heidi may appear a crazy inventor at times, because actually she is.
Heidi: Welcome, Max, looking forward to work with you.
Max: Likewise, Heidi.

Alana: As for me, my full name is Alana, but you can call me Al. Yes, I do realize it looks like “A.I.” when written in a poorly designed sans-serif font. And don't worry, I won't call you Betty.
Max: … and you won't be my bodyguard either?

Alana: Coming back to inventions: inspired by a certain Big Tech company, we have our “Friday freewheeling” concept. Everyone may work on any free-form project on Friday afternoons, if it has at least some vague link with our business. The idea is to promote creativity and perhaps spawn new products.
Max: That sounds cool!