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I bought a FlashForge Creator Pro on a whim around the middle of 2016 without having many specific plans for it, but I haven't regretted it ever since. I use it together with PrusaSlicer (originally Slic3r from which PS was forked). In the first few years I inevitably printed all the cool but useless gadgets a beginner can get their hands on, but eventually I progressed towards using 3D printing for solving problems that would be very difficult to solve by other means.

This section of my website provides an overview of 3D models I have created or improved, as well as some information that may help to improve your 3D prints, and also the PrusaSlicer configuration files and post-processing scripts I use.

If you want to reward me for the efforts that went into all of this, you could leave me a small tip. 🙂

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These are links to either the 3D printing related pages in the software section of this site, or GitHub repositories.