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Less is more: making Garfield comics funnier (or at least, more absurd) by omitting and altering strategic parts. Enjoy!
Update schedule: irregular (usually Tuesday or Friday noon CE(S)T).
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Tue, 30 May 2017

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Tue, 09 May 2017

Facial Destruction
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Fri, 28 Apr 2017

Catch Me If You Can
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Some people, me included, got the feeling that the quality of ‘Garfield’ has been declining since Jim Davis handed over its production to the ‘PAWS collective’. Luckily, people have found creative ways to spice up those new (and even the good old) cartoons by selectively omitting parts. The first experiment involved removing Garfield's dialogue. More recently, someone removed Garfield altogether, which gives the comic a whole new twist. While ‘garfield minus garfield’ seems to abide to strict rules, I went a bit further in a quest to maximize absurdity. The result is Garfield Sans. The only strict rule is: there must be no trace of Garfield. Otherwise, any modification is allowed, as long as it involves manipulating a single original comic. This has led to mutations like Alien Odie, and Jon's many dysfunctional eating habits like the apparent irresistible urge to suddenly shove his face into his food.

I have gone through the entire archive of old comics, which means I can no longer promise regular updates. I can only make a new comic if there has been a suitable Garfield cartoon in the last few days. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get notified of updates. If you would want to make your own mutant versions of the comics, my Garfield Sans font might come in handy. Enjoy!

Sommige mensen, zoals ik, hebben de indruk dat de kwaliteit van ‘Garfield’ is beginnen dalen sinds Jim Davis de productie ervan overhandigd heeft aan het ‘PAWS-collectief’. Gelukkig hebben sommigen creatieve manieren gevonden om de nieuwe (en zelfs goeie oude) cartoons meer pit te geven door selectief delen uit te wissen. Het eerste idee was alle dialoog van Garfield te verwijderen. Recent is iemand begonnen met Garfield zelf te verwijderen, met een merkwaardig effect tot gevolg. Terwijl ‘garfield minus garfield’ zich aan strikte regels schijnt te houden, ben ik nog een stapje verder gegaan met als doel de absurditeit te maximaliseren. Het resultaat is Garfield Sans. Er is maar 1 strikte regel: er mag geen spoor van Garfield zijn. Verder mag alles, zolang het maar gebaseerd is op één originele strip. Dit heeft bv. geleid tot mutaties zoals Alien Odie, en Jon's vele disfunctionele eetgewoonten zoals de schijnbaar onhoudbare drang om zijn gezicht plots in zijn eten te kwakken. Er zijn ook enkele bijdragen van Brubbel en andere kotnet.absurders. Veel plezier!

PAQ (Possibly Asked Questions)

Q: Isn't this illegal, like violating copyright laws?
A: In many countries, including the USA and Belgium, there are fair use laws allowing to copy parts of artwork for purposes of parody. Plus, I don't get or intend to get profits from this, I'm just doing this for fun. However, if PAWS/Jim Davis feels this is a violation of copyright, I will delete this webpage immediately.

Q: Will there be more frequent updates?
A: No, on the contrary. Now that I have picked every usable cartoon from the entire Garfield archive, I can no longer promise regular updates. Only if there have been new daily Garfield comics suitable for ‘transformation’, there will be Garfield Sans updates. It is not unlikely that I'll stop making these cartoons altogether in the near future. I recommend using the RSS feed to get notified of new comics.

Q: Why are there some doubles with ‘garfield minus garfield’?
A: I usually check before making a cartoon if it hasn't already been done in gmg, but if I really like a particular one, I don't mind if it is a duplicate.

Q: What drawing program do you use for this?
A: Mostly the GIMP, sometimes Photoshop.

Q: Can I easily find the original Garfield cartoon for a certain GS comic?
A: Just click the tiny button “icon” next to the comic. This will take you to the original cartoon on the GoComics website. The date of the original comic can also be found in the name of each image file.

Q: Why do I find most of these modified comics unfunny?
A: This is not a kind of humour that everyone appreciates. If you do like most of the newest ‘regular’ Garfield comics, you'll probably not like the ‘mutated’ versions.

Q: I want to download all the comics, should I waste some of my time and your bandwidth by writing a script or setting up a crawler?
A: Of course not, just mail me and I'll send you all the comics in a convenient archive.

Q: Can I make a request?
A: The only request I might consider is if I would be given the exact date of a Garfield comic I have skipped, that could be ‘transformed’. Obviously, I can only honour this request if the comic in question meets my requirements. Any other request will be completely ignored.

Q: Can I have a hard copy?
A: I do not have paper print-outs and I do not plan to make any. I am not sure about the legality of selling physical copies of something based on copyrighted material, even when considering fair use laws. Feel free to make your own print-out of the archive in any way (e.g. through an online service), at your own responsibility.

Q: I waste a considerable amount of my precious lifetime going through the comic archive every single day, viewing the same comics over and over again. When an update is delayed due to a technical glitch, I keep on refreshing the page like crazy. Should I get professional help?
A: Yes.