OLStats 3.09

by Greg “Overload” Laabs
Updated by Dr. Lex

What is it?

This is an unofficial update of the OLStats tool made by Greg “Overload” Laabs for the game Unreal Tournament 2004, which offers improved player stats logging and reports in HTML format. The update is based on the 3.01 source code released in the OLStats forums. This update adds a few features, improves performance of HTML page generating and displaying, and fixes a few bugs.

The most notable new feature is the ability to merge the statistics for two players. This is useful when someone changed their name or played on a different machine with a different CD key, which would cause another identity to be created in the statistics.


This is a cross-platform binary that should work with any UT2004 server, whether Linux, Windows, or OS X. Installation and configuration instructions are included in a ReadMe file in the download.

Download version 3.09 (bzip2 compressed tar archive)

Also available is a patch containing all the changes I made to the source code compared to 3.01. It includes instructions for building.
Download 3.09 vs. 3.01 source patch (bzip2 compressed tar archive)

Update 2024/01/03: now that the apartment167 site seems to be dead, I'm also redistributing the 3.01 OLStats source code here. I haven't found any licensing issues that would prohibit redistribution of the unaltered sources.
For convenience, I also provide El Muerte's LibHTTP2, which can be redistributed thanks to the Lesser Open Unreal Mod License.

Download OLStats 3.01 source (zip archive)
Download LibHTTP2 for UT2K4 including source (zip archive)

Note that I almost never play UT2004 anymore and it has been a while since I last updated this mutator. I forgot most of it and I don't have an environment to build it. This means my motivation to work on this is very low. If you want to improve something and you have some basic programming skills, your best bet is to download the sources and the patch, and make the changes yourself. Even though is is unlikely you have any experience with UnrealScript, the language is similar to Java and pretty straightforward.

Version History since 3.01

3.09 (2015/07/26)
= Modified log routine to write in chunks no larger than 1022 bytes, to avoid
  crashes with certain mods that cause very long log lines.

3.07 (2009/10/17)
+ Further compacted HTML and tweaked css files. If you upgrade to this version,
  replace the css files on your web server.
= Fixed SPH calculation in the matches pages (was always 0.0 because of a
  division by 3600 instead of a multiplication).
= More accurate playing time calculation for individual players. Can still be
  messed up though, by doing funky join/disconnect/spectate dances.

3.05 (2008/04/21)
+ Cleaned up the HTML and styles to reduce file size and make the pages more
  responsive in browsers.
+ The matches page will now only show the last 100 to 300 matches and move the
  rest to separate archive pages, to reduce processing time at the end of each
= Names of opponents in personal player statistics are now correct.

3.03 (2008/04/16)
+ Added ability to fuse players

The license under which the original OLStats and its source code are released, is unclear. Therefore I give no guarantees whatsoever about this release. Use at your own risk and refer to the original 3.01 release and its author for copyright information.