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These maps are designed for Marathon Infinity, but some may also work with Marathon 2. For Aleph One players this means you should use the Infinity Shapes file (or custom/patched shapes where indicated). The network maps are stuffed with monsters and/or BOBs so that people without network abilities can enjoy them too. This makes them great for training. Have fun!

All these maps are for free, which means that you can download, play, and spread them around as much as you want. You are free to include these maps in web software collections or on CD-ROMs, just drop me a mail if you do (just to know where all this stuff is travelling to ;). Of course, you may not charge money for any of these maps.

News Flash!
Since most of these maps were designed in the ‘classic’ days of Marathon when I didn't have any network connection, I never had the chance to test them in real network situations — until I discovered a week ago that Aleph One finally has implemented network functionality. Although they are fun with the included monsters, my first versions of the maps don't appear to be very suitable for net games. Therefore I'm in the process of considerably updating these maps. Root Square has already been vastly improved, the rest may follow if I find the time. The new maps will also be posted on FileBall (now defunct, R.I.P). If you have any constructive suggestions to improve these maps, drop me a mail.

  • Many thanks to the Marathon Archive from Bungie.org for the mirror downloads.
  • You need StuffIt Expander or anything else that can unpack ‘.sit’ files, to decompress most of the files.
  • If you get gobbledy-gook on your screen when clicking a download, or nothing happens, don't worry (that's because your browser took the file for a plain text document). Click on the link with ctrl held down (or right-click), and choose “Save Link As…” (or something similar).

Root Square II

Root Square screenshot

This is version 2 of the classic ‘Root Square’ map, which is best known amongst Marathon players as The map with the shadows or The Math map. This is because the shadows in this map have been calculated to be mostly correct (this actually is not as hard as it sounds, but six years ago my limited math knowledge made it seem like magic).

While version 1.0 was 90% shadows and 10% fun, this version has larger areas, elevators, more openings, more textures, and much better weapons/ammo placement. So it has 90% shadows and 90% fun! Wait, did anyone say something about math…?

This map was inspired by a part of the same unfinished solo scenario of which Heptapus is taken, but unlike the latter its structure is totally renewed! This map supports any kind of net game, from EMfH to KtMWtB. And for those without network access, there are re-generating monsters who are determined to kill you. If you want to get the feel of a real network game in solo mode, set to Total Carnage and try to kill everything except yourself. Each of the 7 monsters will re-generate 7 times. Perfect for Vidmaster training!

This map is designed for the Aleph One engine. If you're planning to play this in the classic Marathon Infinity application, you must use the second map in the file, which is a ‘light’ version, much less likely to crash the old Marathon engine than the full map. You may also need to increase the memory allocated to the Marathon application. See the ReadMe file for more information.

 Download Download it! (ZIP archive)
 Download Download version 1.0.1 (StuffIt archive)
 Download Mirror of version 1.0.1 (Marathon Archive FTP)



A set of two net & solo ‘combi’-maps, of which the second one has a triple 5D-construction. The name of the map file is derived from the first level, but if you want to know what it means, you'll need to download & play it! You'll need at least 5 people, preferably 8, to play these maps without spending most of the time running around.

If you don't have the opportunity to play in network, these maps will give you the impression of a real net game: 7 BOBs, armed with assault rifles, flamethrowers and even SPNKRs will kick your butt if you don't kick theirs. And they'll re-spawn 19 times each, so if you manage to kill all 140 BOBs, you can call yourself a real VidMaster.
To make this work, however, you need to apply a small patch (called “BOBs-on-Steroids”) to your Shapes file. The patch is included with the download or can be downloaded separately (for in case you accidentally trashed it or so). The patch does nothing more than adding some sequences to the standard shapes file so the BOBs can fire assault rifles & other fun weapons instead of their boring magnums & fusion pistols.
Warning: if you try to play the map without applying this patch, or with the wrong shapes file selected, your Mac will crash!

Update: in the latest versions of Aleph One, this map works even without the BoS patch. However, the BOBs' weapon sounds and firing rates will be wrong, so the patch is still recommended if you want to play this map solo. For network play without BOBs, you don't need the patch.

 Download Download it! (map + patch, StuffIt archive)
 Download Mirror (Marathon Archive FTP)
 Download Download BoS-Patch only (StuffIt archive)

KU Leuven C200 Campus map


This map is an exact (within the limits of Forge, of course) copy of a part of the Exact & Applied Sciences campus at the Celestijnenlaan in Leuven, Belgium around the year 2000. Just admit it: there's nothing more exciting than blowing away your network comrades or a troup of BOBs in an environment which exists in the real world! More than a year and countless “too many polygons” and “viewing distance too large” messages crept into the making of this map. Luckily, I was able to get rid of them all! Special thanks to (Simon), an experienced map-maker who helped me to solve a weird problem.

This map is suitable for both network and solo play. In solo, there are ‘BOBs-on-steroids’ to keep you busy. And beware, most of them have changed their Magnum or fusion pistol for something heavier… If you can blast the 7×20=140 BOBs on Total Carnage, you're a real VidMaster.

Outdoor view

This map needs a special texture file, which is included with the download. Without it, either your Mac will crash if you attempt to play the map, or the level will look hideous.

 Download Download it! (map + shapes, StuffIt 5.1 archive)
 Download Mirror (Marathon Archive FTP, BinHex, 3563K)
 Download Separate chunks (Marathon Archive), if you would need to use antique floppy disks

After downloading, drag the file onto StuffIt Expander, put the map and shapes file into your Marathon Infinity folder, and you're ready to Rock n' Roll!
I don't know if it is possible to get this map to work under Aleph One. I haven't tried it yet, but if someone had success with it, I'm very interested in your report of how you did it.

Heptapus 1.1

Heptapus screenshot

This map is a part of a solo scenario which still has to be finished (if it ever will), but it has been completely warped for the sole purpose of network carnage. I won't give away its remarkable features here (although the title may give you a hint already), but I'm quite sure you'll be surprised by the unusual architecture… just download and try it! (More info is included with the map)
The difference between this version and the previous (1.0) is that it's more action-packed (more monsters at a higher rate, what more could you want?)

 Download Download it! (StuffIt archive)
 Download Mirror (Marathon Archive FTP)

Jingle Bobs! 1.1

Remember Jingle Bobs?  If you don't have the Marathon 2 CD, you've missed something. Luckily, this map brings the original Jingle Bobs to your own Mac, performed live by the Bob Boogie Choir.

To make this map fully effective, you need to apply a small shapes patch. More info is included in the ReadMe file!

This map is BOB-ware: if you like it, hit a BOB to death!

The only changes in version 1.1 are:
- The bodies stay, instead of being squeezed to total annihilation (this improves the show's visual aspect)
- You're cleaned up automatically when the show's over, so you can re-play it right away!

 Download Download it! (StuffIt archive)
 Download Mirror (Marathon Archive FTP)

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence in action

If you ever thought BOBs were smart, let this map convince you of the opposite.
Just dump it into your Infinity folder and drag onto Marathon Infinity. And, don't forget to put on those headphones, you'll enjoy the sounds.
I don't know whether this map is suitable for net play - but if it is, have fun with it. I guess it's not suitable for more than 3 players at the same time anyway, because it could become a little overcrowded.

This map is BOB-ware: if you like it, hit a BOB to death!
P.S.: If you wonder why there is a SPNKR in the level, that's for in case you get bored watching those BOBs.

 Download Download it! (StuffIt archive)
 Download Mirror (Marathon Archive FTP)