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De Ijzeren Vogel / The Iron Bird back side

This is the back side of the comic. It shows that it was started on October 2, 1987 and ‘finished’ on June 7, 1988. ‘Finished’ means that the story and sketches were completed on the latter date, but it would take until September 2003 until the comic was really finished.

Click the image to show what titles have been finished, started or cancelled.

De Ijzeren Vogel, back flap


Almost every comic I ever made had a back flap like this, completely stuffed with album titles. If you click the image, you'll see which titles actually got finished (green), which got started but never finished (blue), and which got started but cancelled (red). You'll see one title which is half red, half blue, meaning that I made two versions, the first of which I cancelled. Mind that there are a few more cancelled comics that aren't in this list. In total there are about 24 comics, of which six made the finish line…
In most cases the back side of each comic would be filled before the first page was even completed. The list of titles would change between comics, but the changes were small. One thing that should be notable is that I started working on titles in the ten and twenty range before I even started the seventh comic. This is just because I liked the ideas for those titles more. The most logical thing to do would have been to rearrange all the titles such that the finished comics would come first and the mess of different series would be gone. But somehow I found that the list as it was, was definitive. I probably did not want to make new back sides for all the comics.

The bottom right shows an ‘ad’ for my brother's only finished T(h)omas comic. I mimicked my brother's drawing style for this. On most back covers you would find a similar ad for a random comic.

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